Just glancing at this will make your IQ drop fifty points

Gideon Defoe
4 June
I've followed the traditional career path of a degree in Anthropology and Archaeology leading to pointless temping jobs leading to writing books about idiot pirates having adventures. Sometimes, when I'm not writing about pirates I write about animals having sex. Fun quiz: lots of my interests below are actually lies to make me look deep and/or rugged. Can you guess which ones?
almost any telly, arrested development, babybell, bench-pressing loads, black coffee, bodenstandig 2000, bovril, caring about creatures, cheers, colouring-in books, dennett, displacement activities, dmx krew, doing sad poetry, ef benson, electric dreams, electronica, errol flynn, giving to charity anonymously, human league, john wyndham, julie christie's lovely face, larry sanders, m&s serrano ham, marvel, masako natsume, missing deadlines, monkey, night of the comet, rephlex, royalty cheques, running really fast, sopranos, space, taxi, the radiophonic workshop, the thick of it, tornado cheestrings, west wing, wodehouse, wrestling kodiak bears